New online STEM courses – Learn from home in your own time

We have partnered with the College of Engineering & Physical Sciences (EPS) to develop a holistic range of Skills, Career and Continues Professional Development (CPD) programmes that can be taken on a distance learning basis.

These courses deliver learning opportunities in future growth areas such as digital electronics, machine learning and much more.

As a STEM UP learner, you are automatically given access to the GBS IoT courses for free as an additional added value. These courses are delivered virtually and designed to complete learning independently.

The GBSIoT Macro courses available includes;

• GBSIoT Introduction to Digital Electronics
• GBSIoT Data Analytics using Python
• GBSIoT Machine learning using Python
• GBSIoT Report writing for Engineers
• GBSIoT Python for Beginners

The GBSIoT Micro courses available includes;

• GBSIoT Engineering
• GBSIoT Introduction to Modelling, Assumptions and Problem Solving
• GBSIoT Biomedical Engineering
• GBSIot Introduction to Design Engineering
• GBSIoT Mechanical Engineering
• GBSIoT Introduction to HE Mathematics
• GBSIoT Chemical Engineering
• GBSIoT Cybersecurity
• GBSIot Chemistry
• GBSIoT Introduction to HE Construction

To register for the macro courses click here

and for the micro courses here