GBSIoT supports mini pioneers day at the Thinktank

On 29th July GBSIoT were invited to the Thinktank at Millennium Point as part of a mini-pioneers day hosted by the Smallpeice trust. The GBSIoT team took our Ozobots (pen coding robots) along, and ran activity worksheets with children aged 4-10 on coding. The children were tasked with using different coloured pens to create different […]

GBSIoT hosts first round of Cyber Manufacturing Rig Training

July saw a start to our first round of training on our brand new Cyber Manufacturing Rig. We welcomed colleagues from across our partner institutions for three days of sessions from Festo Didactic following the first delivery of the Rig. Seeing the Rig up and running in the space, and how it can be used […]